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How To Hire A Renovation Contractor in Toronto

Looking and selecting a renovation contractor in Toronto is equivalent to deciding on a surgeon. It may not be your body, but having an expert opening and rearranging your house is different from having surgery. 

We get it, you want to make sure the expert you want to hire is qualified to do the work.

Just like any other person here who is looking for a renovation contractor, You also want someone easy to work and communicate with. It is crucial to ask yourself if you could have this type of person in your home every single day or for as long as the job takes to be done while you’re going through the recruitment process. If the personality of said renovation contractor makes you uncomfortable, then it’s a sign for you not to sign that contract.

You’re probably wondering if you need a renovation contractor or hire a handyman instead to do the work. Well, a renovation contractor has the appropriate skills and training for this kind of job whether it is a large-scale or small-scale project. Aside from that, renovation contractors specialize in remodeling while a handyman is only skilled to do and complete small jobs without the need for special licensing. 

How to find the best Renovation Contractor near me?

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Asking your peers can also be the start of your search for a renovation contractor. You may also ask for the contact details of the renovation contractor your friends who recently hired to have their house, kitchen, basement, or bathroom remodeled. After saving the contact details of the renovation contractor or company, check how trustworthy they are when it comes to working either by asking your friends or look into their Websites (if they have one) to view the testimonials of their past clients. 

Finding the best renovation contractor near you just by asking your peers isn’t enough. The next option you have is to find them on the internet. You may try looking for them on Renovation or Remodeling Directory Sites and if you find one, have a look at their Website. Once you’re on their Website, look for their Portfolio or the Gallery of their works. Also, check and read their clients’ testimonials and reviews on Google or their social media accounts and pages.

Once you are done looking, make a list of the best renovation contractors you found and compare them with one another. Take your time to review each of their work and after that, start interviewing them. Here are some questions you may ask the renovation contractors before hiring them. 

Does the Renovation Contractor have a dedicated team for a project?

This is a question you will need to ask a Renovation Contractor before hiring them. It’s important to feel secure in your home and seeing different faces of strangers each day going in and out of your house isn’t good as it may pose a problem for you in the future. Ask the renovation contractor if they have a dedicated team to do the job and who is the project manager overlooking the team. 

How often do I need to communicate with my Renovation Contractor?

If the project is large-scale, weekly meetings are the ideal way. Consistent communication is the key to a steady flow of projects. You may talk with the Project Manager if you have questions, concerns, or recommendations. But, if it is not that urgent, then let them do their job with minimal distractions.

How do I resolve conflicts with the Renovation Contractor if there are any?

Conflicts may still arise whether it is a large-scale or small-scale renovation project. In this situation, the best way to resolve them is to approach the Renovation Contractor as they already have a process in place for these circumstances.

Does the contractor carry their worker’s compensation and liability insurance?

Contractors must provide proper insurance to their workers in case one of them gets injured on site. If the contractor does not provide this, then it’s already a sign for you not to hire them as you would be the one who’s liable if they don’t provide proper insurance to their workers. 

Final thoughts:

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Finding the best Renovation Contractor in GTA is hard. It requires a lot of effort and interviews before you find the right Contractor perfect for the job. But don’t worry, your search stops here – with us. We at Servus Construction Inc. provide service for all of the towns and cities inside the Greater Toronto Area! Do you want to see our works? then let us show you our Portfolio. When you are done checking our Portfolio, check our clients’ testimonials next. Exceeding your expectations is our mission, so what are you waiting for? Contact us now so that we can start discussing your project. 

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