4 Types of Home Renovation Projects that Boosts your Property Value

Home renovation projects do not merely involve the addition of decorative styles or the alteration of layouts. However, it also increases its property value in real estate markets. Keep in mind that your property is an excellent opportunity to increase the value of your investment. The simplest way to increase the value is to remodel the space simply.

Even though you hired a professional home renovation contractors to do the remodeling, there is no guarantee that you will receive what you expected – a value increase. In fact, there are strategic ways to improve the market value of real estate. This article will help you broaden your understanding of each category based on industry standards.

The Basics

Real estate buyers are primarily interested in the basic features of your property. Consider the quality of your home when planning home renovation projects for a compelling value boost. Roofs that are not leaking, a plumbing system that works properly, and complete flooring are all included. A good furnace, a dry basement, solid walls, gutters and downspouts, and other vital structures are also included.

Curb appeal

Making a first good impression is essential if you want to attract real estate buyers to your home. Improving your home’s curb appeal can improve the appearance of both the interior and exterior designs. Consider adding eye-catching landscaping or a garden, as well as updated fixtures, to your home renovation project for curb appeal enhancement. Fresh interior and exterior wall paint, clean carpets, a lush lawn, and other factors influence its appearance.


Realtor advocates are big fans of the essential structures that maximize the high return on investment. Home renovation projects are the ultimate way to increase the value of your home. For example, kitchen remodeling, new siding, refurbished decks, new windows, and upgraded bathrooms. Consider completing these remodeling projects. Energy-saving features will almost certainly increase the value of your property.

Personal preference

This category focuses on the installation due to your interests, as implied by the name. For example, suppose you’ve decided to add more indoor space to your game room or library. In most cases, they will include a swimming pool, tennis court, or ponds for outdoor entertainment. The disadvantage is that not all home buyers will value it. They may regard it as a high-maintenance design feature or a potential safety hazard, so if you intend to install additional accessories to sell your property. It is necessary to consider the function and usability of valuable features.

Key takeaways

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Types of Home Renovation Projects: Wrapping it all up

Before embarking on home improvement tasks to increase the value of your home, consider the following four significant types of home renovation projects when selecting appropriate strategies: the basics, curb appeal, value-added, and personal preference.

Using one of these main categories will most likely increase the property value as expected in conforming to industry standards. For cost-effective and well-achieved results, it is best to hire a professional home renovation contractor.

Home Renovation Value Boosters in GTA

Many homeowners make significant renovations to their homes before listing them for sale. After all, sprucing the place up will always result in a higher sale price. That is incorrect.

The phrase “fix it and flip it” is commonly associated with real estate, but upgrades rarely pay for themselves. Let us help you to renovate strategically and which project types truly add value to your home.

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